Practical areas in the service of lawyers

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Practice areas include

Personal Injury

Negligence. This is the key term in a personal injury case. If there is case where the negligence or misconduct of another has affected you, then we may be able to help.  Combined, the attorneys of Kelsky Law, P.A., have more than 30 years experience handling automobile accident cases, slip and falls, motorcycle injury claims, negligent security claims and other injury matters. All these are important premises around the service of lawyers

Commercial Litigation

From contract disputes to any other legal issue that a business might need assistance with, we have experience on both sides of the table representing plaintiffs and defendants alike.

Service of lawyers in contract Litigation

We handle contract disputes for people and for businesses. If there is a dispute or potential dispute with another party to a contract, we may be able to help.

Non-Compete issues

We draft non-compete clauses and litigate non-compete claims for employers and employees. Our evaluations include determining whether circumstances exist that may negate the enforceability of the potential restrictive covenant.

Construction Defect Litigation

We manage a wide range of construction defect cases affecting businesses and people.

Mold-Related Litigation

Mold-related litigation is a niche practice area in which the firm has a great deal of experience, both in terms of property damage and personal injury.  Mold-related claims are often a subset of construction-related problems and it is expected that Hurricane Irma and other tropical activity will reveal construction defects and the presence of mold in houses and buildings.  Our firm has represented homeowners, tenants, landlords, condominium associations, mold remediation companies, contractors and other entities for mold-related problems since 2006.

Construction Law and Construction Lien Law

We represent clients involved in the construction industry including contractors and people with construction liens on their property. We respond to your needs, because the service of lawyers is ideal when it is of quality